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How to Pack for a Weekend Away


With airfares becoming lower and lower, airlines have to find other places to make money. And one of these places is with your checked and excess baggage. Below are some tips on how to avoid excess baggage fees at the check-in counter.

Wear Your Heavy Shoes on the Plane

If you are looking at a short journey, consider wearing your heaviest shoes. While it may be uncomfortable during the flights, it can allow you to pack an extra few shirts or pants.

Consider New Luggage

If it’s been a decent time since you purchased luggage, it’s likely that the materials and technology used to make luggage has come a long way. Remembering that the weight of your suitcase in your total weight, consider a new travel case.

Don’t Match Your Outfits to Your Days Away

If you have a pair of pants and a shirt for each day you are away, then prepare to pay for extra baggage.  When packing, count the number of days you will be away, divide it by three, and that’s how many outfits you should pack.

Nothing Full Sized

One of the quickest ways to weigh down your bag is by packing your entire morning and evening beauty routine. Check out the Groupon Coupons page for Lacoste for travel size fragrance and cream options to take with you. Alternatively, separate the items which are essential.

Next, head to your local $2 store and buy small clear travel bottles. Filling these with only the amount of liquids you are likely to need is a great way to keep your bag light and prevent you from leaving any expensive creams at a hotel.

Remember Your Carry-On

Despite it being referred to as a ‘personal item,’ the allowable dimensions are often quite generous. Speak with your airline about the size of the carry-on bag you can take and find one which matches.

While it isn’t comfortable carrying around a heavy bag, it’s only to and from the plane, and can allow for you to travel with a lot more in your checked bag.

When it comes to flying, anything you can do to save money counts. The next time that you are packing for a vacation, keep these tips in mind and spend your excess baggage fee on a cocktail when you arrive!

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