Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman Islands

seven mile beach at grand cayman

Located on Grand Cayman’s west shore, Seven Mile Beach is considered to be the most famous beach in Cayman Island. Named one of the Ultimate Beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life, 7 Mile Beach is only reasons why Cayman is considered the ultimate Caribbean destination and the essence of an island getaway vacation. Although it’s elegant prim waters and coral sands still lure visitors from all over the world. Different bars situated at the beach like the Royal Palm which propose drinks and an energetic environment, and restaurants. Go swimming  at Stingray City, shop from Seven Mile beach Shops, scuba and snorkel in the alluring waters around Cemetery Reef. Trip to George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands and the attractive Cayman island Turtle Farm. The Seven Mile beach serves as the residence to many of the Caribbean’s luxury resorts on the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach is communal possessions, and therefore probable to walk the full extent past numerous hotels, villas and resorts, despite of where you are staying. There are several restaurants which are opened to the public at most of the resorts and several Caribbean beach bars. Seven Mile beach bound so many unlike activities, a day at the beach can leave your head spinning yet demanding more. If you are looking to function on your tan and watch the waves roll in, take part in several enterprising parasailing or shallow snorkeling in the Caribbean along with the family, Seven Mile Beach offers all ages an opportunity to enjoy what the Cayman Islands and your Caribbean vacation will truly be all about.

Finding a spot under the trees for a picnic is one of the first things some do when they come to the beaches. Meantime others lease wave runners and take pleasure in the thrill of being out on the open sea, whereas some wish to join a volleyball sport with the locale. Whatever you think of like doing on your Caribbean beach vacation, you are in no doubt to find it in the seven Miles of sand known as Seven Mile Beach!

Directly to the south of Seven Mile Beach is George Town, which is the capital city of the Cayman Islands, whereas to the north is the region of West Bay, which highlights a turtle farm and the limestone formations of Hell. Attractive turtle shell-based stuffs are sold in many locations; however they are illegal in the US and many other Western countries. The 7 Mile Beach is fenced by several popular Cayman Islands Beaches activities.

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